What do you really mean by determination? Easy question! Right?

To be determined for your goals – one would say.

But nah! Determination means to be determined for the consequences that would come because of your future goals.

Everything cannot be perfect and everyday is not same. You are a human being and you will definitely fail sometimes or maybe you’ll fail consecutively. But if you are determined and you know the real definition of determination, you’ll never give up. Because falling is an accident but staying down is a choice, your choice. Maybe you were determined that if you fail 5 times or so you’ll try something else. But trust me everyone fails. Every successful person have had failed many times, but they were determined that failures cannot stop them. Failures doesn’t mean that you failed, it simply means that there was a lil bit problem with your current plan or there was a step that turned out miserably, so searc for that step and correct it, instead of thinking this is what the destiny had all for you.

My mantra nowadays is

Falling is an accident.

Staying down is a choice.


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