Thrifting a Local Book Shop!🌸

So here’s my 1st summer task. I thrifted a local book store and found these amazing books. These all books are fictional.

All of these books are written by Indian writers.

I have created a bucket list which I’ll upload later in this day.

I’ll try to complete as many tasks as i could within this month.

I’ll keep you guys updated everyday with the tasks.

Hope you all will enjoy!

Love you all to pluto and back!

Tell me in the comment section if you want the book review for these books! (These books won’t be counted in the book review series)

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Hi there! I am a 18 years old teenage girl trying to express my feelings and experiences through words.



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34 thoughts on “Thrifting a Local Book Shop!🌸

  1. Every day i have my list of tasks which i’m trying to get done, it makes me to get up and chase my dreams is the best thing what we can do for hugs from FRANCE❤️

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      1. Definitely! Which city are you based out of? The collective currently has 10 members. Each weekly module covers a different style. We are currently working on Modern Sonnets! Will upload them by next Thursday.

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